Introducing Digipurple

January 15, 2019

Your dealership’s new digital advertising agency

The importance of your dealership’s online presence is increasingly vital but as many Dealer Principals and Marketing Managers know, this can often be a bumpy road. Automotive advertising has changed more in the past 5 years than the previous 30, and with this increased reliance on the internet a whole new set of challenges and opportunities have emerged.

With this, we’re so excited to introduce Digipurple! Designed to provide expert automotive digital advertising for dealerships and OEMs, while helping you handle the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities the digital revolution presents.

Who is Digipurple?

In short, Digipurple is a team of automotive digital advertising experts that provide class-leading campaigns across all digital channels for dealerships and OEMs. But we’re much more than that. Originally part of Dealer Solutions, Digipurple was formed to provide a new-breed of agency that is purely focused on Automotive Advertising.

Although we have a new look and feel, we have almost a decade of automotive digital advertising experience and are backed by Dealer Solutions, one of Australia’s largest automotive inventory data aggregators, and powered by Cox Automotive, our parent company and the world’s largest automotive service organisation, providing solutions for clients at every stage of the vehicle lifecycle.

Our partnership with Dealer Solutions gives us unparalleled integration of your website and inventory data to amplify your vehicle advertising.

Unlike traditional agencies, our automotive expertise means we understand your industry as well as you do. Simply put – Digipurple is your dealership’s new digital advertising agency.

Why Digipurple was formed

As things grow and the industry changes, we naturally adapt and explore exciting ways to innovate. Through growth, both internally and within the market, we identified a need to branch out into an agency with a single-minded focus on automotive advertising. This expansion ensures we hold onto our client-oriented service and digital advertising expertise, while allowing us to add class-leading technology for better results than ever before.

With Dealer Solutions focused on managing your dealership, controlling your data and showcases inventory on your website, this leaves Digipurple to focus on what it does best – grow your dealership online and reduce your cost-per-lead.

What does this mean for you?

Quick answer – only good things!

If you’re an existing Online Marketing client of Dealer Solutions, you don’t need to worry about anything. You’ll still have the same high-quality customer service, Digital Strategist and packages. But you’ll also reap the benefits of being part of the all-new Digipurple and be the first to know about our latest advertising products and strategies. Plenty of exciting stuff to come!

Discover the Digipurple difference

One of our most recent innovations, Automated Inventory Advertising, encapsulates the Digipurple difference. Combining your Dealer Solutions data and website with our smart automated advertising technology, we can advertise your inventory exactly where your customers are on Google and Facebook. The results? Increased vehicle details page views and reduced cost-per-lead.

This is just one example of how we’re uniquely positioned to help your dealership take advantages of the new digital age. To find out more about Digipurple or to find out if this affects your current service, please Contact Us today. We’re looking forward to taking this new journey with you!


Written by Brad Ayres | Senior Digital Strategist at Digipurple