Drive Website Traffic With Dynamic Facebook Ads | Case Study 

January 23, 2019

Putting your vehicles in front of the right people and capturing high quality leads is the ultimate end game. However, as many of you know, it’s not that simple. When you throw in your friendly neighbourhood competitors and everchanging paths to purchase, advertising your vehicles and seeing positive return on your investment is an on-going battle. To expand on your current digital marketing strategy, or get your foot in the door, social platforms such as Facebook are continuously re-defining how people are discovering new cars.

Newly available for automotive dealers in Australia, Facebook Dynamic Ads are the latest way to dynamically target your inventory to people who are in the market for a vehicle, while they are browsing Facebook. Our team at Digipurple are driven to help our dealers reduce their cost per lead, and are committed to utilising the latest digital advertising technology and know-how to get it done.

Thanks to Cox Automotive, leaders in automotive digital retailing in the US through, we are proud to offer our customers Automated Inventory Advertising on Facebook. Our Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) are linked with your inventory, and pull through the relevant details of your vehicles, such as the image, make and model, to automatically generate carousel ads based on what vehicles a user is likely to be most interested in.

Achieving “phenomenal” results with Facebook DPA

To pilot the success of our Facebook DPA product in Australia, Digipurple partnered with Westside Auto Wholesale in Perth. As a website and inventory client of Dealer Solutions, Westside Autos was a perfect candidate, and as WA’s biggest independent used car dealer, they were more than happy to trial dynamically placing their 1,500 vehicles on Facebook.

Westside Auto’s Facebook DPA pilot ran for 80 days, and during that time, Marketing Manager Jon Myers described the results as “phenomenal”.  Utilising Westside Auto’s previous website user data, as well as Facebook’s look-a-like audiences, we were able to target customers who had shown interest in particular vehicles and drive them back to their website. During the pilot, we were able to achieve a 31% increase in website visits, as well as a huge 39% increase in vehicle detail page views.

Our Facebook DPA ads are focused on driving leads directly from your vehicles. That’s why each vehicle ad is linked with their individual vehicle details page, giving customers a smooth path to enquire. The pilot was highly successful for Westside Autos, generating 53 high quality website leads. Keep in mind, the leads generated for Westside Autos do not include website calls or customer walk ins, simply website forms filled on their website.

The results of Westside Auto’s Facebook DPA campaign clearly demonstrates how effective Automated Inventory Advertising is at putting your vehicles in front of the right people. As vehicle shoppers are increasingly finding new ways to discover and evaluate potential car purchases online, targeting them with Facebook DPA ads is an effective way of increasing your website traffic and leads.

If you would like more information on how our Facebook DPA advertising can work for your dealership, please don’t hesitate to Talk To Our Team today.


Written by Jamie Cuskelly | Digital Strategist at Digipurple