Perks Of Working With A Digital Agency

January 31, 2019

Hint: It’s not just about branded merch

I know what you’re thinking – ‘a digital marketing agency writing a blog about why you should work with a digital agency. Surely not?’ Hear us out, it’s not how it seems. We really are just trying to plead the case for all good agencies. This is a smoke and mirrors free zone.

Before we jump into the actual perks of a digital agency, let’s take a look at where marketing is right now. With the rapid growth and sudden shift to digital marketing, a lot of dealerships have had to completely re-think their entire strategy to stay ahead of the game, and this is where digital agencies come into play.

Although the digital marketing industry is well and truly established, the waters are still murky for many dealerships when it comes to actually hiring an agency. But behind the tech-heavy buzzwords and branded merchandise, there are plenty of genuine perks of working with a digital agency. So, here’s our totally objective list of reasons why working with a digital agency is essential for your dealership’s marketing.

Digital marketing experts

Now, this isn’t about tooting our own horn and likening ourselves to Don Draper but at the end of the day, agencies hire specialists for the job at hand. Although digital marketing is an aspect of the marketing-mix, it is a very specialised discipline that requires both the marketing expertise and technical understanding of ad platforms. A real Double Threat.

At times digital marketing can seem like a mystery but like every business, you need to hire experts in their field to provide the best results for your dealership or customers. Just like hiring highly-trained mechanics to work in the service centre of your dealership or a great people person to work on your showroom floor, guaranteeing each role is done right ensures your customers have the best overall experience. Agencies operate no differently and working with experts helps unmask some of the mystery around digital marketing.


Flexible and cost-effective

Don’t let the fees fool you, if you want top-tier digital marketing results, working with an agency is the most cost-effective way for dealerships, and I have two reasons to back this up.

– You can’t afford not to work with a digital marketing expert. Simply put, without an expert leading your digital strategy, you can waste a lot of money, quickly, before you realise what’s happened. You need someone who understands the difference between CPC and CTR, and why they’re important.

– Hiring an external agency is significantly cheaper than hiring a digital marketing specialist full-time. For a fraction of the cost of employing a digital marketing expert to work at your dealership, you can work with an agency that acts as an external digital marketing manager with a whole team behind them.

This cost-effective partnership also allows for more flexibility with an external team always available. No more frantic delegating or campaigns being put on hold if certain people are away, an agency is essentially available whenever you are.

Stay ahead of the curve

Did you know there were over 60 updates to Google Ads1 alone just last year? Add that to over 30 publicly released updates to Facebook Ads2 and that’s a lot to stay up-to-date with. Now think about all the updates for the automotive industry, new media channels and constant need for new ideas. You’ve really got your hands full.

With so much pressure to adapt and continue to innovate, going it alone can seem like a never-ending battle. Working with an agency provides a pool of talent and new ideas, while keeping on top of the latest and greatest marketing strategies, so you can focus on the big picture.

Aside from developing and managing campaigns for clients, good agencies spend a lot of time keeping their teams up-to-date with the latest skills and knowledge to ensure those client campaign continue to perform. As a client, you have access to all the need-to-know information without all the study. Sounds like the ideal situation.

Transparency in reporting

I’m sure a few of you scoffed at that title but believe me, good agencies are focused on providing a transparent approach to reporting and digital marketing as a whole. I can understand any apprehension on this one, as one of the major complaints we hear from new clients that have worked with third-parties previously is the reporting, or the lack thereof.

The fact is, digital marketing is the most measurable marketing channel there is, end of story. Consider a newspaper ad compared to a Facebook ad. How many people looked at the newspaper ad and what happened to those people? You’ll never know. But with the Facebook ad, we can know exactly how many people saw the ad, how many people clicked on the ad, if they were male or female, and of course if they got in touch with your dealership because of that ad.

Good digital agencies don’t shy away from reporting, quite the opposite. Digipurple for example works with clients to provide insight on what’s working, what’s not, and continue to optimise based on the results.

Here’s a tip – If you’re working with an agency and feel the reporting doesn’t add up, don’t be afraid to test them on it. If they have something to hide, it might be time to look to greener (or purpler) pastures.

Better marketing results

This is a pretty obvious one but definitely a big perk of working with an agency. Although there’s plenty of benefits but when it’s all said and done the main reason you hire a digital agency is to see the best possible results from your marketing.

Take doing your taxes for example. There’re three avenues to go down – doing them yourself, letting the ATO do it for you or hiring an accountant. All capable of getting them done but all with varied results.

If you lodge your tax return yourself, you’ll likely miss a lot of the finer details to result in a smaller return than you’d like. Then if you have the ATO take control of your taxes, you better believe they’re going to be taking a closer look at those suspicious looking receipts and kilometres. Finally, if you leave your tax to a professional accountant, you’re going to reap the reward of their years of experience and expertise to yield the best return.

Working with a digital agency is much the same. It’s their job to ensure your results are better, and continue to get better, than if you took control in-house.

This is just a taste of what digital agencies can offer your dealership’s marketing and if you’re still reading, it’s safe to say you’re thinking of working with a digital agency. To make it nice and simple, Contact Digipurple today for a free consultation with one of our Digital Strategists.


Written by Brad Ayres | Senior Digital Strategist at Digipurple