SEO Explained & Why You Should Care

March 28, 2019

We all share a common goal. We want our website to appear on the first page of a customer’s Google search results.

Yes, you can pay to have ads appear at the top of Google search results with Google Ads, however, if you want long-term success online, then the answer is SEO!

I’m sure you’ve heard of SEO, but let’s clear up what it really means:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of making improvements to your website to positively influence your website’s visibility in search engines, such as Google, with the aim to drive more organic traffic (free traffic) to your website.

Put simply, SEO is the practice of continuously making improvements to your website to ensure it ranks high for keywords that matter most to your business.

For example, if you are a used car dealership in Melbourne, great SEO will help you to see a search result for your vehicles like this:

Why Invest In SEO?

SEO isn’t just a single task to be completed once. If you rely on your dealership’s website to drive enquiry and foot traffic, ensuring your website is visible and performing at its best all the time is paramount. SEO allows you to uniquely target keywords which are relevant to your customers, helping your website appear higher in search results without investing more money in lead generation platforms and third-party advertisers.

Think of SEO like a silent salesperson that is constantly working to put your dealership in front of potential customers. Like you would invest in hiring a good salesperson to work on your showroom floor, hiring an SEO expert is equally as important to guarantee great results.


How is SEO different from Google Ads?

SEO works similar to Google Ads in that your website appears on Google, and other search engines, for searches that are relevant to your website to drive traffic and leads. The main difference is that these are organic listings on Google, meaning you don’t pay a cent. We admit it, SEO can be tricky to understand but trust us when we say it can be a goldmine for your dealership! And well, if you thought paying-per-click was an improvement, not paying at all is even better!

When should you use SEO?

This is a simple one. If you want to drive more website traffic and enquiries organically (for free) then SEO is the best way to do this. The only downside is that because you’re not spending any money on advertising, the effect won’t be immediate. SEO is a long game but when it starts to work it will pay-off big time.

Aside from driving traffic to your dealership’s website, SEO plays a major role in your actual website performance. Ensuring your website is as good as it can be is a great way to get higher on Google, while also making it a better experience for users on your website, meaning they are more likely to take meaningful actions. So, while SEO is great on its own, SEO will also enhance the performance of all your other digital advertising too.

What can I do to improve my SEO?

Let us be brutally honest, SEO is a complex task, and as such, it takes time and dedication to master. Unless you have a dedicated resource in your dealership a.k.a. Digital Strategist, you may decide to let an expert handle things for you, so you can focus on selling cars. In saying this, we believe there are areas that you can pay attention to that can help with the overall performance of your website, and these include:

1. Check the SEO functionality on your website:

Website providers like Dealer Solutions offer an easy to use SEO module built-in with their automotive websites that can be easily used by your website administrator. By following simple steps, they can edit the SEO Title on each of the pages on your website, as well as the respective Slug and Meta Tag description.

2. Check out your “Google My Business” account:

As per our previous blog post  Google My Business Tips For Car Dealers, Google favours the most relevant Google My Business listings for a user’s search results. Meaning that you can maximise how often customers are seeing your business in local search by ensuring all of your business information is supplied. Providing and continuously updating your business information on your Google My Business account can help your dealership’s local ranking, enhancing your presence on Google Search and Google Maps.

3. How easy is your website to navigate?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes: how easy it is for you to find your next car if you were to look for it on your own dealership website? Ensuring your website is easy to navigate and built to Google best practice is paramount for SEO so trusting your dealership website with an automotive expert will keep you one step ahead and on the right path to great SEO.

Start Working on SEO Today!

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Each month your dedicated Digital Strategist will report back to you on the work that has been completed, so you can see and understand the improvements we’ve made.

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