3 Tactics That Will Help You Sell Cars Faster This EOFY

June 5, 2019


No matter what industry you work for, the end of financial year always comes with a certain degree of urgency to get things done to conclude the year on a strong note to best prepare for the next! Through this typically chaotic few months in automotive, the drive to sell as much vehicle stock as possible is at an all-time high.

Build awareness, reconnect with lost leads, drive quality leads and advertise your vehicles with a smart digital strategy this EOFY using three simple tactics…

Tactic 1: Review your Google Ads and other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategies 

There are various strategies to implement SEM with different objectives in mind. Review your current SEM strategy this EOFY to drive consumers to your website by checking all the EOFY keywords and ad copies already in place.


Tactic 2: Review your Google Display Ads 

EOFY is renowned for being a highly competitive time in the automotive industry. Stand out from your competitors by advertising your EOFY deals! Review your current Facebook Ads, Google Display Ads and Home Page Banners and build creative campaigns that communicate your message to potential customers.


Tactic 3: Leverage your Database

Communication is key this EOFY. Create EOFY mail out campaigns to share your unique dealership offers with your customers. You can also build custom audiences on Facebook and drive targeted ads to specific customers who have already displayed interest on your vehicle inventory.


Sounds great, but where do I start?

The good news: At Digipurple, we are all for working smarter, not harder, particularly when it comes to a digital space. Whether you are a digital advertising extraordinaire or very new to the digital world, we are here to help you reach your goal: to sell cars faster this EOFY.

Register your interest for a free 30-minute digital session where you will learn simple and effective tactics to drive more leads and sell more cars through your website at no cost by executing a smart digital strategy.

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