Automotive Inventory Ads

October 24, 2019

Introducing Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads for your Vehicle Inventory.

Show the right car to the right car buyer.

If you are keeping up with the latest in vehicle digital retailing, you probably already know or have heard about Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads (or Facebook AIA) for your vehicle inventory. You probably also have a plethora of questions about what Automotive Inventory Ads are exactly and how they can help you in selling more cars.


We want to take the guesswork out of this topic and explain all you need to know about Facebook AIA and how you can use them to drive higher quality customers at a lower cost, in a way that is meaningful to your dealership and marketing budget.

Facebook AIA explained:

Put simply: Facebook AIA are personalised ads that don’t require the manual work generally associated with creating individual Facebook Ads. The ads dynamically update as your stock updates keeping the ads up to date with your current inventory stock.

With Facebook’s intelligent targeting capabilities, these ads put your live inventory in front of people showing behavioural signals of being in-market for a car right now. This includes both potential buyers already considering your dealership and those who are not.


The real deal:

Here’s when these ads, together with a professional website, start uniquely working for you.

As Facebook AIA work at a scale, these types of ads are powered to reach and retarget a more extensive audience creating personalised ads for the exact person based on what they are looking for and then driving them back to your dealership website.

The ads pull through specific information from your inventory feed data, such as the vehicle image, make, model, year and price, and link them directly with that vehicle on your website.

This makes Facebook AIA a form of digital advertising highly cost-effective, as it dramatically increases the chances of capturing a lead directly on your website and consequently, you will reduce the reliance on third party sites.

Once your vehicle is sold, your ads for that vehicle will no longer appear.


Getting started with Facebook AIA

Starting your advertising with Facebook AIA should be an easy task when you join forces with a Facebook Partner expert in automotive retailing and experienced in Facebook AIA.


“We have partnered with Dealer Solutions and their team of Digital Marketing experts, Digipurple, as they have developed Inventory Search capabilities and vehicle websites that are proven to maximise the performance you get from Facebook AIA. We’re proud to say that Dealer Solutions is a trusted Facebook Partner who we highly recommend if you want to start running Facebook AIA”

– Ted Bergeron | Head of Automotive at Facebook


As we are part of Dealer Solutions, Australia’s largest independent aggregator in the automotive industry, we have the unique ability to grab any dealership’s inventory feed directly from their DMS and export it to Facebook without the need of any distributor or third party. Then, using machine learning tools, our team uses our proven strategy to reach out to buyers that are in-market for a vehicle and retarget car buyers who have shown interest in your inventory. All in all, with the only goal to drive quality traffic to your own website and sell more cars while you pay dramatically less for your leads.


Register your interest today for a no-obligation consultation on Facebook AIA and get one of our Digital Marketing experts to answer any questions you might have.

If you like what we have to say, then, you will be only one step away from enjoying the advanced benefits of Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads.