Choosing the best type of digital ad during COVID times

August 20, 2020



This new ‘normal’ brings a new opportunity for dealers to streamline their marketing efforts into digital adverts to reach a wider audience with the added benefits of tracking – so as a dealer, you know if the dollars you are spending on advertising are delivering results.

However, knowing what type of digital ad to use, whether you’ve been utilising digital advertising for a while or are just starting to include it into your dealership’s marketing strategy, you’ll know it’s an often complex and confusing world to navigate. With all the different digital channels on offer, it’s difficult to figure out where to invest your advertising dollars. So, to help you on your journey, here are our picks of the top 4 digital advertising channels that every dealership should be considered during these trying times and when to use them:


Google Ads


These ads are incredibly targeted and only appear for keywords that are relevant to your dealership, and you’re only charged when your ad is actually clicked on. So, you’re not just reaching a relevant audience but only paying when they come to your website. Google Ads are perfect if you want to increase your website traffic and overall enquiry volume – quickly. Since Google Ads use ‘intent marketing’, you can use them to reach people who are interested in your vehicles or services and drive them to your dealer website.




Google Display Ads


Google Display Ads allow you to target people based on their interests and online behaviour and advertise your brand or offers which could appear in front of them on up to two million websites across the internet. Put simply, when you want to build awareness, consider this the most targeted billboards out there, which will reach people who actually want to see it and will remember it; for a fraction of the price of a newspaper ad.


Google Display


Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads 


FB AIA are dynamic and are generated directly from your dealership’s actual inventory. These ads run across Facebook and Instagram to reach customers who are sent directly to the vehicle details page on your website. This powerfully targeted form of advertising is all about getting engaged eyeballs on your inventory which leads to more sales.



YouTube Ads


Did you know that YouTube is the number one video site for influencing purchase decisions? And with over 20 million Aussies using YouTube every single month, pre-roll ads are perfect for building awareness and reaching car buyers with your sales promotions…just like TV only targeted.



What our customers say!


“Working with Brad and Sam from Digipurple has been seamless. We have been able to put in place a strategy that is open and transparent to better promote our sales campaigns through paid search and display. Also, to further promote the campaigns, we utilise social media platforms. Going through Digipurple has enabled us to work with an amazing team that provides us with remarkable high-quality leads & reports.” – Western Toyota


“We work with Sam at Digipurple to increase awareness of our sales events through paid search, Google Display and Facebook and drive high-quality leads and foot traffic.” – Sydney City Volkswagen & ŠKODA

Interested? Let’s work together to achieve similar results.

If you would like to discuss your digital advertising options, reach out to the team at Digipurple here for a no-obligation strategy session and discover how you can increase a wider pool of possible car buyers without investing thousands of dollars in traditional paper-based ads.